Eyebrow Microblading In-Person Training Course





What Will We Teach You?

We offer the most detailed microblading training course. We teach you all you need to understand about this beauty process.
We have certified and competent Microbladers on ground. They will walk you through every single part of Microblading.
What you will learn in your training course will be determined by how far you have gone (level of experience). If you already know a bit about the process, you should enroll in the advanced training. Beginners will have to take it from scratch.
Check out some of what we will teach you to become a certified Microblading artist.

  • Consultation
  • Practicing strokes on latex
  • Microblading on a live model
  • Color Theory
  • Eyebrows shaping & mapping
  • Skin theory & skin diseases

These are not all you will learn when you enroll in our Microblading training course. But you can be sure that we will walk you through these and more.