Five Things to Do Before Your SMP Treatment

When it comes to permanent makeup, pre and post-care treatment are the most important. Every professional permanent makeup artist, irrespective of their niche in the industry, should understand how delicate the process. That’s why it is essential to verify the certification of your specialist before every appointment. See that your specialist knows the right things to do and is trained by a renowned institute like Phibrows. There is no better place to about permanent makeup before every appointment than here. In this article, we will enlighten you on five things you need to do before your SMP treatment.

What is SMP Treatment?

SMP is an abbreviation for Scalp Micropigmentation. It is a permanent makeup technique that involves implanting pigment on the scalp, creating an illusion of fuller hair. It falls in the same category as Microblading; the significant difference is that Microblading is done using a handheld tool while micropigmentation uses an electric tattoo device. If you are looking to develop fuller hair, cover some bald, and achieve uniform edges on your head, SMP (scalp micropigmentation) is an incredible option.

What is SMP Treatment?

It is an artistic skill that must be performed by a skilled professional because it involves making the bald area on the head/scalp appear with full hair. Aside from that, the specialist must be able to blend the colour of the pigment with the skin colour. This is a great technique used by many celebrities to achieve any hairstyle and appear gorgeous throughout their career.

Scalp micropigmentation is also useful for individuals suffering from hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, thinning, and pattern baldness. Experiencing baldness can be a massive turnaround in your life, but it is not too late to mend. Book an appointment with us today and get your hair fixed as soon as possible with Scalp micropigmentation.

This article was created to help people get ready for an SMP appointment with their specialist for the first time. When it comes to scalp micropigmentation, there are certain items that need to be in place. Some of these things include:

  1. You need a soft skin

The Scalp micropigmentation procedure involves using a tool and special pigment to make your hair look fuller than usual, achieving the desired style. However, if the patient’s skin is hard, the needle may not be able to penetrate the skin. Once the needle keeps bouncing back up and unable to enter the skin’s top surface, the procedure cannot be performed.

You need a soft skin 

So, as a specialist with a lot of experience in handling scalp micropigmentation treatment, it is advisable to get your skin soft before attending the appointment with the specialist. Use an ideal moisturizer or skin softener around the skin area that will be involved in the procedure- SCALP.

We recommend you apply the moisturizer twice a day. Use a lot each time to ensure that your skin appropriately soft before the appointment.

  1. You need a haircut

This may cause a little confusion among folks, and you may have questions like, “I am going to fix my hair why do I need to cut my hair again?” Well, the essence of this article is to ensure that SMP treatment is performed smoothly with no complications. It is all about getting prepared for the appointment.

You need a haircut 

You want your hair baldness fixed without any complications, get a haircut the night before the appointment. Ensure you cut it a way that it reaches its shortest length using a razor or a clipper. Also, it is necessary to cut it the night before and not in the morning because it may result in redness due to open follicles.

  1. Do away with any activity that may cause blood thinning

Every permanent makeup procedure requires making small incisions on the dermal layer of the skin. So you need your system working correctly to qualify for this remarkable procedure. Try to stay away from anything that reduces the speed at which your blood clots. This is because it will make the procedure meaningless and unusual.

Do away with any activity that may cause blood thinning 

Things like aspirin, energy drinks, and caffeine-induced substances should be avoided as much as possible before the procedure. When blood-thinning occurs, the patient bleeds more than often, and the pigment may blend with the blood, and that’s not how the procedure is supposed to look like.

Before the treatment, stay away from drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and aspirin, as mentioned above, and the procedure will go as smoothly as promised.

  1. What type of hairline do you want?

This is an important item you must tick before going for an SMP treatment. You have to know what you want. Do a little research yourself by checking for different styles on the internet. Thank God for the internet, which makes it easier to search for stuff.

What type of hairline do you want?

Instagram or YouTube is the most reliable place on social media to find wonderful hairline styles that will suit. However, you don’t need to stress yourself too much looking for hairline ideas on social media if you have an appointment with us. We make everything easy for you here. We offer thrilling consultation bombarding you with many hairline styles that will suit you perfectly.

It is not supposed to be too difficult to find a style that will fit your head, the look you want, and the style you admire. Our utmost is to ensure that all our clients achieve the best hairline style they desire. You choose, we perform!

  1. You need an energy boost

It is advisable to have a nice stacked-up meal before the procedure to have enough strength to go through the process. The process may take up to 3 to 4 hours, depending on the specialist or type of hairline.

You need an energy boost

We don’t you feeling dizzy and uneasy while the process is being performed. It may also take lesser time if you followed the above guidelines and prepared adequately for the appointment beforehand.


Scalp micropigmentation has become an essential procedure with high demand all over the world. Since everyone wants to cut the kind of hairstyle they want, SMP makes it possible. If you prepare well using the five guidelines stated in this article, you have a high chance of getting the best SMP treatment.