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Phiscalp Micro-pigmentation Online Training Course by Elix Phimaster


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What is the Simplicity Artist Machine?

Simplicity Artist is a machine with basic performances which makes it an ultra cheap machine and a good solution for beginners who are still not ready to invest a lot in PMU Base training. If a student decides to start doing PMU more seriously, this machine by the price of 400€ can always be a spare machine in the salon or a machine that will be used for microneedling only. All the commands of this machine are on the headpiece, which makes it very mobile and easy to travel with. It was made in Korea and possesses all the certificates necessary worldwide.

The Simplicity Artist machine uses ultra precise cartridges in 19 different variants. Their price will be significantly lower than the price of cartridges produced in Germany. Cartridges have a special hygiene patent with silicone membrane.

What is the Simplicity Master Machine?

Simplicity Master is a new machine that is not different from much more expensive machines on the market by its performances. It is powered by a strong German engine and thanks to Korean perfectionism it is the most silent machine on the market with the least vibration. Since the display and functions are located on the headpiece, this powerful machine will be available on the market by the price of 750€. This machine with the German engine was made in South Korea and it possesses all the certificates necessary worldwide.

These machines use ultra precise cartridges in 19 different variants. Their price will be significantly lower than the price of cartridges produced in Germany. Cartridges have a special hygiene patent with silicone membrane.

What is the difference between the Simplicity Master & Artist PMU Machine?

Simplicity Artist is primarily intended for beginners and students at the academy, while Simplicity Master has a purpose to be used by dermatologists and beauticians.

Simplicity Master has more speed settings and a stronger engine. It is meant for professional use only.

Simplicity Artist has 5000 revolutions per minute – recommended as back up machine or for beginners/hobby artists

Simplicity Master (German engine) has 7000 resolutions per minute. Zen machine has around 9000 resolutions per minute

Do I have to purchase the PMU machine in order to pass the course?

If you are planning to have a future as a PhiScalp Artist, you would have to use PMU machines on a daily basis for each client, so we highly recommend that you purchase a PMU machine from the Phi Academy or purchase a machine from a different brand of your choosing.

Additional information

Training Packages

PhiScalp Starter Kit, PhiScalp Artist kit (Simplicity Artist PMU Machine), PhiScalp Master kit (Simplicity Master PMU Machine)


Are you hoping to change your career path? Do you believe you are prepared to launch your career at the Phi Academy? If your answer to these questions is yes, there is only one way. You have to start your quest by taking micropigmentation training courses.
Phi certified builder course is one of the most promising fundamental courses you can invest your time in. Phi learning is a program that educates you on all the rudiments of scalp micropigmentation, the pigments, the hair, and the skin. These are all that are required to perform an excellent PhiScalp treatment.

Elix Beauty - What is PhiScalp Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup?

What is PhiScalp Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup?

The term PhiScalp is taken from the mixture of the words “phi” and “scalp”. “Scalp” is the part of the body this treatment is done. While “phi” is a reference to the popular training beauty enterprise, the Phi Academy.
PhiScalp is just one of the procedures taught when you undergo Phi learning. Many other permanent makeup procedures are taught as part of their scalp micropigmentation training online. PhiScalp is the method that incorporates the skill and commitment to reproducing hair follicles through micropigmentation.

Nouveau Contour sheds more light on what is meant by permanent makeup or micropigmentation saying:

Permanent makeup (PMU) or micropigmentation is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. With an ultra-thin needle and pigment, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes, or lips is enhanced.

How to Become a PhiScalp Permanent Makeup Artist?

Do you want to be a PhiScalp Artist? Do you wish to know better about PhiScalp? If your answer to both questions is a yes, then you’re just where you should be!
But before we let the cat out of the bag about Phi learning and the Phi certified builder course, check this out. What do you need to earn the designation of a permanent makeup artist? What do you need to become an authorized part of the Phi learning program?
To be accepted as a Phi learning Academy Artist, you must have completed at least one of the basic micropigmentation training courses offered by the Phi Academy. Some of these phi certified builder courses include.

  • PhiScalp Basic Training
  • PhiBrows Basic Training,
  • PhiContour Basic Training, etc.
Elix Beauty - How to Become a PhiScalp Permanent Makeup Artist?

About Phi Learning

Phi learning is a scalp micropigmentation training online with Master Elham Hashemnejad from Phi Academy. As soon as you complete the micropigmentation training courses, you will attain the skill requirements of the PhiScalp micropigmentation treatment. The course is focused on training beauty technicians. It then confirms that you are worthy of the International Certificate that is suited anywhere worldwide!

PhiScalp Artist

Obtained after completely finishing all 12 requirement stages on the Craft Master Application.

PhiScalp Royal Artist

You get to this level after functioning as a PhiScalp Artist for a minimum of six months. First, you must do well as an Artist and your work must be accepted by your Master, then you can ask to become a PhiScalp Royal Artist. You will do this by sending 5 images of your nicest work to your Master.

PhiScalp Master Assistant

You get to this stage after serving as a PhiScalp Royal Artist for a minimum of another 6 months. You are mandated to partake in supervising PhiScalp Artists. You are to assist them at least 10 times if you must receive your PhiScalp Monitoring Certificate. A Master Assistant is an effective and skilled Royal artist who helps Craft Masters in training beauty artists.

PhiScalp Master (also known as Craft Master)

Master Assistants can go on to become Craft Masters. It depends on their country of dwelling and if there is already an adequate amount of Craft Masters there. He/she is selected by the Academy based on preset standards.

PhiScalp Grand Master

You become a PhiScalp Grand Master after serving as a Craft Master for over a year. You must have trained 100 certified students in the space of a year

These stages of Phi learning are modeled for training beauty artists to become the best in the world of Permanent Makeup. You come in without any experience or a background in beauty. Yet, you grow to become a skilled and competent permanent makeup artist.

For others, they are only new to a particular Permanent Makeup procedure. But thanks to Phi learning and phi certified builder courses, they are equipped in every regard. In theory, practical, and all-around technically.

A competent permanent makeup online training like Phi scalp micropigmentation training online is the best. Giving you all the proficiency and tool required for you to launch your career. And become a skilled Permanent Makeup or SMP Artist.

Elix Beauty - Best Scalp Micropigmentation Training


If you are up to date with happenings in the cosmetic world, you must have noticed a new trend. More and more people are adopting new treatments for that one problem that has existed for so long. HAIR LOSS! Have you checked out how much cash you can earn just by being competent enough to deliver these refined treatments for hair loss?

Well, what you perhaps are not aware of is that one of the best hair-loss treatments available globally can honestly be learned in a brief period. What we are referring to is permanent makeup training. And a prominent type of this treatment is scalp micropigmentation.

This popular treatment is a hair loss remedy. It involves inserting negligible amounts of pigment into the scalp to deliver the appearance of natural hair follicles. It can either be used to create the look of a newly shaved head or can be mixed up with the surviving hair. The latter method will make the thin hair look fuller.
The good news is that this service is presently wanted by millions of people battling hair loss. This includes both men and women. Considering this, the permanent makeup industry is a thriving industry.

The most exciting part is that you can become qualified to conduct a permanent makeup treatment easily. In no time at all, you can get trained and start conducting the procedure. Hence, we have provided you with all you need. We can help you through any permanent makeup training, especially scalp micropigmentation training. We further equip you with all you need to succeed as a trained pigmentation artist. But before you proceed, what is scalp micropigmentation.

Elix Beauty - Best Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Some of our latest work

Phiscalp Micropigmentation - Phiscalp Micropigmentation Online Training Course

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a technique that entails putting in pigment in the scalp. This treatment creates the appearance of someone with growing short hair follicles. In the real sense, this person is bald. In other words, it imitates the image of a buzz cut or shaved head.

Scalp micropigmentation is also referred to as any of these other names. You may have heard of any of them.

  • Scalp Tricopigmentation
  • Scalp tattoo
  • Hair Tattoo
  • Hair Follicle Simulation

The basic technique of scalp pigmentation is to insert little amounts of pigments inside the skin. The process is like that of a regular tattoo. However, the number of pigments is so little that they appear like tiny hair follicles that have only been cut recently. This treatment is another option if you do not want to undergo a hair transplant.

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Scalp Micropigmentation Articles


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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Phi scalp & Phi Academy

This is a basic course, you will learn the micropigmentation of the scalp through the method of PhiScalp coined by the Phi Academy.

Yes, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering our PhiScalp Basic course Online which can be accessed through our Academy’s official Learning Platform: The CraftMaster Application.

You can learn better! The Phi Academy has spent years designing, perfecting, and updating the CraftMaster application which includes contents in videos, images, text and levels in order to help you learn effortlessly.

We will be having in-person trainings once the mandatory lockdown is no longer in effect. For now, we recommend that you take the online training in order to pass your levels and practice your skills on your own time.

The PhiScalp Basic Training Online is $2,350 + HST = $2,655.50

The Phi Academy has a fixed price set on all Phi courses Worldwide. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer any discounts on our online courses.

Yes, we are partnered with one of the best Financial Assistance companies that charge the lowest % of interest based on your credit. If you would like to apply for financial assistance through iFinance Canada, please contact +1 888-689-9876

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Visa Master Card 1 - Phiscalp Micropigmentation Online Training Course


Scalp Conditions you’ll likely work on




Shape & Measurement


Machine Set Up

Hand Placement



Scar Camouflage

Long Hair

Pre & Post Care Instructions

Complete Procedure

Levels 1-12

There are 12 levels on Craftmaster for which you must submit your art for Master Elix to pass you onto the next level.

After you have completed all the levels in the course.

The certificate you receive after completing the course is a WorldWide Elligible certificate which will permit you to work in any other country you reside in! The Phi Academy is also one of the most well-known Beauty Academies worldwide.

We can ship it right to your doorstep. We ship to most countries worldwide (please see the list at the end of the page).

You will be receiving the PhiScalp Starter Kit for your online PhiScalp Basic Training. The details of the kit are as follows:

  • Box needles 0.3
  • Box needles 0.4
  • Phi wipes block tonic
  • Marker
  • Practising Latex Blank 3 pcs
  • Phi Mixer
  • Silicon Cups
  • Pencil
  • Practicing Latex Head
  • Measure tool
  • Ink Lighter
  • Ink Medium
  • Ink Darkness

*Artist/Master Machine is not included

If you would like your course purchase to include the Simplicity Artist or Master shading Machine to be included, the following is the price difference:

→ Simplicity Artist machine – 400 Additional EUR:

Total: 1,900 EUR → $2900 CAD+HST = $3,277.00

→ Simplicity Master machine – 750 Additional EUR:

Total: 2,240 EUR → $3,450 CAD+HST = $3,898.50

Your best source of information is your course on CraftMaster, your teacher, other PhiScalp Artists/Masters, and the Academy’s official website:

The Phi Academy is recognized as the top beauty academy that has shown exponential growth in the past 10 years. Coined by Branko Babic, he has perfected multiple beauty techniques based on the golden ratio of “ phi ”. It’s educational system is highlighted worldwide due to the monitoring that is offered through the CraftMaster Platform, providing support until achieving the Mastery of the Technique.

You can register by sending your information & payment to Elix


Last Name

Phone Number

Email address

Shipping Address (for your kit, unless you prefer to pick up)

Canada, Iran, United States, Anguilla, Antigua And Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Hungary, Iceland. India, Iraq, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal , Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, St. Vincent, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Minor Outlying Islands, Uruguay, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands

Scalp Micropigmentation, often referred to as SMP, is a highly specialized technique for cosmetic pigmentation of the scalp.

Most clients will only need two or three sessions. Additional treatments might be required if the client wishes to increase the density in one area

This is the most frequently asked question about SMP. The truth is, there is no right answer to this question. Some patients will say it’s just an uncomfortable feeling, while others may describe it as a painful procedure.

No, during this treatment we insert the ink into the top layers of the skin on your scalp, which in no way interferes with your hair follicles and hair growth.

Yes, this treatment is very well-known for covering up surgery or hair-transplant scars. We use a special technique in order to blend the scars with the pigments in a way that it becomes hidden.

Ofcourse, Alopecia patients are very common in our line of work. Most of our clients who seek this treatment are usually suffering from Alopecia or from a receding hairline.

Yes, even if you’ve had a hair transplant in the past, the chances of you having uneven hair growth in some areas and scarce hair follicles in other areas are high. Scalp micropigmentation can help you perfect your hairline and your look.

Of course, this treatment is not only meant for clients with short hair, very often we get clients with long hair who need to touch up the empty spaces in between their head hair.

PhiScalp Artist - Phiscalp Micropigmentation Online Training Course

How to Become a PhiScalp Artist?

Scalp micropigmentation training provides you with the mastery required to perform the SMP method. If you want to be a part of this fast-growing industry, this is the training you need. You need sound permanent makeup training. This is exactly what we offer you in our phibrows online training and our phiacademy online training.

One of the best parts of our phiacademy online training is that you need any knowledge of medicine or surgery. You can begin your phibrows online training and phiacademy online training immediately. In no time at all, you become well-skilled in the technique.

PhiScalp Teacher - Phiscalp Micropigmentation Online Training Course

At Elix beauty, we offer both the phiacademy online training and the phibrows online training. This training will teach you the procedures of scalp micropigmentation. All of Elix Beauty’s permanent makeup training courses comprise teachings on these topics:

  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Proper hairline design
  • Skin color matching analysis
  • Needle specification
  • Pigment/color mixing
  • Proper station set up
  • Blending techniques

Elix Beauty Scalp Micropigmentation PhiMaster

Mike Miramdoz
Mike Miramdoz
03:42 14 Jan 22
To me SMP is the best way to go, just do yourself some... research and find yourself very good Artist that listens pays attention to detail, and has wealth of knowledge, experience and certifications you can’t ask for more from Elix she’s truly the best and is the MASTER , I would even travel just for her touch up, after my experience I want no body else but her to touch my head, couldn’t believe how natural the SMP look, she has gift , this beautiful little lady need to be known. I would never consider hair transplants After my experience at Elix Salon, for one hair transplants very expensive , Your looking at $4000 to 15,000 out your pocket. If I were you? I’d just get SMP treatment done to replicate exactly how your natural hairline and head looked, Before hair loss. The results are phenomenal you won’t stop looking in the mirror promise. Elix will have you falling in love with yourself again because she takes pride in her work and makes sure your okay with everything during the process, she makes sure your comfortable with the results she replicated my hairline and overall head with precision, I worry no more about hair lost the only downside the ladies there are so gorgeous they will make me sweaty and nervous . Hair transplant doctors are crooks, all about there money. it’s very unethical and very good at convincing you for treatment . they should pay for taking advantage of people who just want there lives back. Oh forgot to mention if your Financed? it’s highly likely you won’t get financed again for next hair transplant session. You will be left with half done transplant which is extremely stupid looking . Trust me brothers these Clinics don’t care once got no money trust me and “Toronto Hair Transplant clinic” is good example avoid that place like a plague. lastly hair transplantation is painful, VERY not during surgery “NO” but recovering from surgery is on another level. SMP less painful healing process just 3 days , and surprisingly at very affordable price. Thank you thank you thank you thank you, you are a savage a beast your awesome your husband and your son is very blessed.🙏🏾🙂 And I wrote a lot because this experience is life changing And want everyone else have same good experience.-Eddy Qread more
Guillermo Nafarrate
Guillermo Nafarrate
18:19 10 Dec 21
I drove my wife to her appointment. The technician/owner... never showed.. We understand sometimes life can get busy but we came from Toronto. We called to schedule a new meeting and we were instructed to book the appointment online, which we did and received a confirmation email. We show up a SECOND time. NO SHOW AGAIN. Gave another BS excuse; Said that we didn't confirm!?.. Being on time is the simplest form of respect.. not showing up once, we can understand.. but TWICE?... extremely unprofessional. Not only that, they tried to charge my wife again for the touch up that is PART of the cost provided lol. I don't know who you think you are dealing with here? My time is valuable. Here is a life lesson.. Customer Satisfaction = When the perceived benefits of the service EXCEED the customers expectations. Just because you are good a microblading doesn't mean you can treat your customers this way.. it tarnishes the experience. ORGANIZE YOURSELF. If you can't do that hire someone that can do it for more
Jessie-Lynn Neely
Jessie-Lynn Neely
19:32 07 Dec 21
I had such an incredible experience with Elix yesterday... during my lip blush appointment! I have never had permanent makeup done before and she made it very comfortable and is super professional and amazing at what she does! Will post pics after I'm all healed. Also, I barely even felt the tattoo!!!read more
Mahnaz Ghaedi
Mahnaz Ghaedi
02:18 06 Dec 21
I did eyebrow microblading with Elix and it looks so... natural even without getting touchups. She's definately the most professional licenced phi master and eyebrows artist in toronto area. Her techniques and machines were amazing and giving quality guarantee made me so confident about her. She's very detail oriented and so kind with her clients. I'd heard about her other permanent makeup services as well, like eyeliner tattoo and lip tattoo, hope to get them too in the future! I recommend her to anyone looking for a permanent makeup or even men for her scalp Micropigmentation more
Farnaz Goortani
Farnaz Goortani
14:17 21 Nov 21
Very happy with the service I got here, very nice staff and... accommodating. Also the booking was so easy with their more
Todd R
Todd R
21:41 20 Nov 21
I had my second Scalp Micropigmentation session a day ago.... One of the BEST decisions I have ever made! I researched for many months, and doing my homework paid off huge! Elix was very professional and I am so happy with my results.I wish I had known about this procedure and Elix long more
Lil Kamkam
Lil Kamkam
23:26 19 Nov 21
I really enjoyed this professional service, clean office... and hospitable staff. So happy to have found Elix😇 I love my eyebrows and I think the color is perfect! I was not sure how to pick the color, but I decided to trust Eli and I really LOVE it.Definitely recommending this to my friends!Thank you Eli jan!read more
Sandie Murphy
Sandie Murphy
12:32 18 Nov 21
Needed a touch-up on Brows via Microblading (since Covid... made them invisible). October 2021 - Salon is very professional, clean and I was greeted very promptly and everyone was very friendly. I met with Elix and she drew my brows, which seemed too large, but I trusted her and I could not be more pleased. They looked amazing!! Even the next day they looked great - almost no swelling (unlike my 1st time). The cream they gave me to apply for a week worked perfectly.I was so pleased with my Microblading that I went back YESTERDAY for eyeliner. I never had a tatoo before so I was nervous. I went back to Elix and she did a fantastic job. It's the 1st morning after the eyeliner and no swelling - amazing. Looks great.I will go back for other services and I HIGHLY recommend this more
Kamran M. Lavassani
Kamran M. Lavassani
04:55 18 Nov 21
Thank you for giving me the best SMP service.I choose Elix... to do my head Scar camouflage because she is the best, I can't tell you how much grateful I am. Thank you Elix, I can't wait to come back for next session. Highly recommend more
Shabnam Jodat
Shabnam Jodat
17:02 01 Apr 21
Elix was awesome! She is the best artist! I had a great... experience at the Salon. My eyebrows look amazing now. She is so friendly and kind and she cares a lot for her clients.I'm so happy that I chose to go with her and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Thanks so much Elix!read more
Sam Morana
Sam Morana
13:56 12 Nov 20
I am a cancer survivor and due to treatment I had hair... loss. Alot of my hair follicles got damaged from radiation and did not grow back fully. I was blessed to be able to attend diva brows event " pay with a smile " where I had the pleasure of meeting Elix. To say she's talented at what she does is an understatement. Elix is a master at her profession. I received Phiscalp and micro pigmentation treatment. I now can say in confidence I have all my hair back. And my scar is almost unnoticeable. Thank you Elix and Thank you Diva Brows for making this happenread more
sophie Price
sophie Price
14:43 05 Nov 20
Elix is incredible. She takes her time to make sure... everything is perfect. From the moment I stepped in the studio she was so warm, kind, and professional. For a nerve racking treatment that is right on my eyelid she made me feel so at ease. Can’t wait to go back and work with her again!read more
Amir Rezvani
Amir Rezvani
01:35 20 Oct 20
I did a lot of research into training for Scalp... Micropigmentation and found Master Elix because her reviews were so high and the price was reasonable. I do not regret my decision one bit. This was a great workshop! It was comprehensive and my experience was nothing short of amazing. You could tell she cares and she supports you every step of the way. Thank you for everything Elix and thank you to your friendly and supportive staff!read more
asrar alshehari
asrar alshehari
00:39 14 Oct 20
I loved everything today, the service and the artist... herself, i had a touch up appointment and I wasn’t ok with the results i got first time, so I chose elix for the touch up, she is a good listener, she discussed everything with me, i could show her pictures of the shape i want,, she answered all my questions with love, i felt comfortable while she was working cause she already understood what i want, so kind and humble. I really recommend her, my eyebrows now are amazing she did it like how i want and fit with my face, thank you darling 🙏read more
Felipe Williams
Felipe Williams
16:46 09 Oct 20
Very poor quality the ink she uses are very bad. Please... make your research before using this place or she will leave you with permanent damage. I will make sure to let everybody knowread more
Anushka Mohammadian
Anushka Mohammadian
01:58 19 Sep 20
I’m so happy with my permanent eyeliners! She is the best... artist! Kind and caring. Best customer more
Sara Mowlaei
Sara Mowlaei
01:48 19 Sep 20
She’s the best in her job! So professional and caring.
bibi khan
bibi khan
00:40 19 Sep 20
I went into the clinic very nervous for my permanent lip... makeup. I have had very bad lips for almost all of my life and have always been so self conscious of it that I cover it up with makeup every morning.As soon I walked in I was instantly relieved. It had a great ambiance and the receptionist was so friendly and helpful.My artist was amazing and helpful. She made me feel at ease and took two appointment time to make sure you did the best job she could on my lips.I have a few more touch up appointments with them and I will be getting more of my beauty procedures Done here.Thank you so much!!!read more
Askorin Nioka
Askorin Nioka
19:23 18 Sep 20
Speaking in Persian all the time not a good vibe for a... person that don't speak the language. Over priced!read more
Nele Ruutli
Nele Ruutli
15:51 17 Sep 20
This place is so bad that they have to lie their clients to... win their more
13:31 17 Sep 20
Very disappointed with the scalp micro pigmentation. Not a... professionalread more
Suad Korkise-Binder
Suad Korkise-Binder
16:50 14 Sep 20
Elix was awesome! She provided amazing service and my... eyebrow shape is unbelievable! She took her time to explain the process and the outcome. I love my new eyebrow shape 🙂 I highly recommend Elix for her amazing professionalism and more
laura fink
laura fink
17:14 03 Sep 20
I have always been unhappy with my eyebrows so I decided to... get microblading done. I could not have been any happier with the results that I have gotten after completing my services with Elix! She was so professional and ensured that my eyebrows were exactly how I liked them while still giving me her professional opinion. The salon was very clean and I felt as if I could trust Elix completely with doing my microblading. I am so happy with my results and feel confident with my eyebrows now! Thank you Elix!read more
mohammad katebi oskuei
mohammad katebi oskuei
18:46 01 Jul 20
My experience at Diva Brows was incredible! Ms Elham (Elix)... did an amazing job with PhiScalp .  I loved her treatment.  Her consolation was perfect as well.  I would definitely recommend your salon and would come back the next time I am in town.  Thanks again!read more
Marjan Moosavi
Marjan Moosavi
02:31 11 Jun 20
As a trainee under Eli’s supervision, I had a great... experience at Elix Beauty. She’s professional, kind, and uptodate. I strongly recommend more
Mohammad Dadvaran
Mohammad Dadvaran
02:06 11 Jun 20
It was great experience, the team and management was... perfect and professional. The atmosphere was so friendly and also clean.Thanks Elix more
Bahman Koosha
Bahman Koosha
02:06 11 Jun 20
These ladies are great and professional. I am happy with... their service and customer more
Xu Xu
Xu Xu
15:36 11 Mar 20
Elix is a talented artist who puts her enthusiasm into the... work she does. I am very happy with the result and will recommend her service to anyone who wants to have a fresher more
Jessica Naumoff Bell
Jessica Naumoff Bell
13:17 10 Mar 20
My experience with Elix has been just great. I just had my... second appointment (touch up) and couldn't be happier with the result. I was initially drawn by the images on her website (& FB/IG) and was impressed with her ability to work with different hair colours/skin tone. I am fair with light eyes/hair and didn't want the result to be too dark or harsh looking. I did a ton of research before booking my initial appointment, and spoke to her in advance to learn more about it. I had lots of questions and wanted to make sure that if I went ahead with it, I would be happy with the result. She was lovely and very informative. The salon itself is beautiful and clean, and all the staff are friendly and professional. This is an art, and Elix is a true artist. I'm so happy that I chose to go with her and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Thanks so much Elix!read more
Leila Ghadimi
Leila Ghadimi
04:59 25 Jan 20
I want to share my experience with Elix.I had a very... positive experience at the Salon. My eyebrows look amazing now. She is so friendly and kind and she cares a lot for her clients. She uses the best materials and everything is super clean. She is so professional and lovely. I love my eyebrows. Thank you so much Elix joon. 🙂read more
Mona Tehranchi
Mona Tehranchi
18:02 13 Nov 19
I went to Elix .She was very nice & professional. Did a... really good job. I love it. So happy with it. She is soft handed & very detail oriented. I like their location too. Peaceful atmosphere, nice & professional people. I highly recommend her to everyone. You won’t be disappointed. You actually would love it. She is highly skilled, professional, and lovely. I really loved her & loved her more
Sam Kashani
Sam Kashani
19:35 18 Jul 17
I ABSOLUTELY recommend Elix Beauty - Everyone is so... friendly, so professional and the atmosphere is incredible. Very nice place with high educated professionals, I have many friends who are permanent clients there. Always recommend this place. Perfect client service! Try them out!read more
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