Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course
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Online Program By Certified Phimaster, Elix Beauty

Starting your Career as a Phi Artist!

If you’re looking for a change and you’re ready to start your career in the Phi Academy, then you have to begin your journey by completing your first basic training. One of the best basic courses you can invest your time in, is the PhiScalp Basic Training. This is a course that teaches you all the fundamentals of scalp micropigmentation, the skin, the hair, and the pigments required to execute the perfect PhiScalp treatment.

What is PhiScalp Micropigmentation?

 The word PhiScalp comes from the combination of the word “scalp” and “phi” referencing the infamous beauty industry, the Phi Academy. PhiScalp is only one of the techniques offered by PHI, there are plenty of other permanent beauty methods that are perfected by its founder, Branko Babic. PhiScalp is the technique that combines the art and dedication of simulating hair follicles by micropigmentation.

In order to give you a better understanding of what micropigmentation means, I’ll be sharing the following article written by Nouveau Contour:

“Permanent makeup (PMU) or micropigmentation is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. With an ultra-thin needle and pigment, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes or lips is enhanced.

This treatment is also known as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing. However, the pigments used for permanent makeup are introduced less deeply into the skin layer and have a different composition from tattoo inks. Micropigmentation devices are also more refined than tattoo machines, and the techniques that are used are different.

About The PhiScalp Basic Training

The PhiScalp Basic Training is an online course with Master Elham Hashemnejad of Phi Academy. Once you complete this training, you will gain the skill requirements of the PhiScalp micropigmentation method perfected by Branko Babic & will receive an International Certificate that is eligible Worldwide!

PhiScalp Artist

Attained after successfully passing all 12 requirement levels on CraftMaster Application

PhiScalp Royal Artist

Attained after working as a PhiScalp Artist for at least 6 months, if you excel as an Artist and your work is approved by your Master, then you can request to become a PhiScalp Royal Artist by sending 5 pictures of your best work to your Master.

PhiScalp Master Assistant

Attained after working as a PhiScalp Royal Artist for at least 6 months, you must participate in monitoring PhiScalp Artists and help them at least 10 times in order to gain your PhiScalp Monitoring Certificate
Master Assistant is an active and experienced Royal artist who assists Craft Masters in their trainings.

PhiScalp Master (Aka. Craft Master)

Master Assistants can become Craft Masters depending on their country of residence and whether there is already a sufficient number of Craft Masters there if he/she gets chosen by the Academy based on predetermined criteria.

PhiScalp Grand Master t

Attained after being a Craft Master for more than a year and having taught a 100 certified students within one year

Client Expectations

If you are considering having the scalp micropigmentation procedure (SMP) done, you may be wondering what to expect after your first or second session. Clients usually complete their treatments in their initial two/ three sessions, but for more accurate pricing and the amount of treatments required, it is best that you meet your Artist in person for a consultation prior to scheduling your PhiScalp appointment.

Another important thing to note, the ink under your skin is not going to affect the roots of your hair. Your existing hair follicles are in the lower epidermis layer of your scalp, but in spite of this, the origins of your hair strands are not going to be damaged during this procedure. In fact, the PhiScalp technique is demonstrated with needles that are perfected by the Phi Academy.

Some of our latest work

How to grow in the Phi Academy: From Artist to Master

If you are interested in becoming a Phi Artist or if you’re already a Phi Artist, then you may be wondering if there’s more to it and you would be right because there is! Once you graduate and pass your levels on Phi Academy’s Online Learning Platform: Craft Master, then you will earn your Artist Certificate, which is a worldwide eligible certificate that permits you to work from anywhere in the world!

As a Phi Artist, you have only begun your journey in the Phi Academy. Once you become a Phi Artist, you will have to demonstrate your work on social media and input your Phi Logo on the artwork that is done by you! This will help, both the clients and the Academy, to recognize that the work is original and that it is done by you, allowing them to establish trust, thus building your reputation.

Becoming a Royal Artist

After six months of active work, practice, and presence on social media, you will have the chance to upgrade your Phi Artist title into a Phi Royal Artist. Having earned the status of a Royal Artist is a big deal, it means that you were dedicated and expanded your skills to an extent that the Academy, your Master, and your peers, all agree that you must level up, approving of your talents and encouraging you to grow!

In order to apply for the Royal Artist title, you must send five of your best artwork to your Phi Master after having at least six months of experience as an Artist. Once your Master approves of your work, they will request for your Royal status and the academy will open your royal application. Your application needs to be approved by the Academy, so they will be looking at your social media pictures, your graduation date, and the quality of which you are executing your technique. Once your application is approved, the Phi Academy will email you a new logo, indicating that you are now a Royal Artist. From that point forward, you should be using your new logo on all of the pictures you post on social media.

Becoming a Master Assistant

Once you earn the title of a Royal Artist, you can practice and perfect your skills in order to be eligible for your next title upgrade, Phi Master Assistant. In order to earn the title of a Master Assistant, you must assist any Phi Master that is going to be teaching a class that is related to your area of work. This means that if you’re a PhiScalp Royal Artist, you cannot assist a Master that is teaching a PhiBrows course. As a PhiScalp master assistant, you must only assist a master that will be teaching the PhiScalp course.

Keep in mind that if you want to become a master assistant, you must have at least six months of experience as a Royal Artist. Meaning that you can only request to be an assistant to your master, if and only if you have been actively posting your work as a royal artist for at least six months. Once your master agrees to have you as an assistant in their training, then you must observe and learn how to be a master, because this level is created specifically for this reason, for you to learn how to perform and teach like a Craft Master!

Becoming a Craft Master

You need to be a Master Assistant to at least five Phi training courses in total, after this you are able to apply to become a Craft Master, aka Master. Becoming a Master may be limited to the course and the type of Master you are striving to become. The Phi Academy intends to show its presence worldwide, so if the country you reside in already has five to six masters in your field, the chances are that you may not become a Craft Master because there are already plenty of Masters in your area. Your best chance of becoming a Craft Master is if there are few Craft Masters in your field in the country you live in, then you must stay in contact with your own master and apply for the next steps that come to follow!

Scalp Micropigmentation Articles


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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Phi scalp & Phi Academy

How to Become a PhiScalp Artist?

To be recognized as a Phi Academy Artist is to have passed at least one of the Basic courses offered by the Phi Academy. Some examples of these courses are the PhiScalp Basic Training, the PhiBrows Basic Training, the PhiContour Basic Training, etc.

The Phi Academy offers a variety of topics that teach all sorts of beauty techniques perfected by Branko Babic and other gifted Phi Masters around the world. These courses are offered on Phi Academy’s online learning platform called CraftMaster. This is a mobile-device application which is compatible with most Apple and Samsung products, thus it can be found on AppStore or GooglePlay. This application grants you the opportunity to adopt the skills that other artists have developed, allowing you to learn courses that teach the basics and even additional courses that drive you to perfection.

How to teach Scalp Micropigmentation?

So you want to become a Craft Master at the Phi Academy? But are you ready to start your teaching career as a Phi Master?

The Phi Academy is one of the most prestigious beauty academies among its competitors and they offer a variety of beauty techniques perfected by its founder, Branko Babic, and other methods invented by some of the greatest artists and grand masters around the world.

If you are passionate about permanent makeup & beauty techniques and you would like to move your career to the next step, all you have to do is pass your first PHI basic training and earn your Phi Artist Certificate. As a Phi Artist, through hard work and dedication, there are steps in which you must follow in order to level up from an artist to a Phi Craft Master.

Introduction to Elix Beauty

Elham Hashemnejad, also known as Elix, and infamous for Elix Beauty, is the only Iranian-Canadian PhiScalp Master in the Phi Academy. She followed her dreams after coming to Canada and got her career started in the beauty industry. As a young, undiscovered artist in her early 20s, she earned her Bachelors of Commerce in the field of Information Technology and practiced under her major for 8 consecutive years. Shortly before traveling to Canada, Elix decided to make a life-changing decision to switch into the semi-permanent makeup industry.
Elix began her journey in the world of beauty through training to become a Phi Artist by taking a course offered by the Phi Academy. In 2017, she learned eyebrow microblading and earned her PhiBrows Artist title, now she is a Phibrows royal artist in one of the top beauty salons in Toronto named Diva Brows. Elix’s passion for permanent makeup grew more and more by day, and she found her interests lying in the PMU of the scalp before it was offered as a course in the Phi Academy, so she decided to train herself and practice the art of scalp micropigmentation on her husband. Once the PhiScalp major was released by the Phi Academy, Master Elix was the 4th student to register and excel in the course in July 2018. In only 2 years, Elix exceeded the Phi Academy’s expectation and for that reason she was able to earn the PhiScalp Master title in the Winter of 2020.

Steps to Improve Your Career

Step 1: Insurance

Once you earn your Artist Certificate, the first thing you should do is to insure the services you provide. If you are currently residing in North America, all services that are invasive, such as SMP treatments, and/or services that involve close contact with the client should be insured.

Step 2: Consent Form

Next, you want to prepare a consent form for your clients. In this document you should include detailed information about the treatment you are providing, as well the pre and post care instructions. In most Phi treatments, there is a yes or no questionnaire that will ask your clients if they have followed the pre-care instructions, or if they have any allergies or health conditions.

Step 3: Create an Instagram Account

Once you have your services insured and your consent forms printed, then you are ready to take in your first client as a PhiScalp Artist. However, there is still so much more you can do for your brand and for your business, so if you haven’t already, the next best thing to do is to create an instagram account dedicated to PhiScalp.

Elix Beauty Scalp Micropigmentation PhiMaster

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Sam Morana
Sam Morana
13:56 12 Nov 20
I am a cancer survivor and due to treatment I had hair... loss. Alot of my hair follicles got damaged from radiation and did not grow back fully. I was blessed to be able to attend diva brows event " pay with a smile " where I had the pleasure of meeting Elix. To say she's talented at what she does is an understatement. Elix is a master at her profession. I received Phiscalp and micro pigmentation treatment. I now can say in confidence I have all my hair back. And my scar is almost unnoticeable. Thank you Elix and Thank you Diva Brows for making this happenread more
sophie Price
sophie Price
14:43 05 Nov 20
Elix is incredible. She takes her time to make sure... everything is perfect. From the moment I stepped in the studio she was so warm, kind, and professional. For a nerve racking treatment that is right on my eyelid she made me feel so at ease. Can’t wait to go back and work with her again!read more
Amir Rezvani
Amir Rezvani
01:35 20 Oct 20
I did a lot of research into training for Scalp... Micropigmentation and found Master Elix because her reviews were so high and the price was reasonable. I do not regret my decision one bit. This was a great workshop! It was comprehensive and my experience was nothing short of amazing. You could tell she cares and she supports you every step of the way. Thank you for everything Elix and thank you to your friendly and supportive staff!read more
asrar alshehari
asrar alshehari
00:39 14 Oct 20
I loved everything today, the service and the artist... herself, i had a touch up appointment and I wasn’t ok with the results i got first time, so I chose elix for the touch up, she is a good listener, she discussed everything with me, i could show her pictures of the shape i want,, she answered all my questions with love, i felt comfortable while she was working cause she already understood what i want, so kind and humble. I really recommend her, my eyebrows now are amazing she did it like how i want and fit with my face, thank you darling 🙏read more
Felipe Williams
Felipe Williams
16:46 09 Oct 20
Very poor quality the ink she uses are very bad. Please... make your research before using this place or she will leave you with permanent damage. I will make sure to let everybody knowread more
Anushka Mohammadian
Anushka Mohammadian
01:58 19 Sep 20
I’m so happy with my permanent eyeliners! She is the best... artist! Kind and caring. Best customer service.read more
Sara Mowlaei
Sara Mowlaei
01:48 19 Sep 20
She’s the best in her job! So professional and caring.
bibi khan
bibi khan
00:40 19 Sep 20
I went into the clinic very nervous for my permanent lip... makeup. I have had very bad lips for almost all of my life and have always been so self conscious of it that I cover it up with makeup every morning. As soon I walked in I was instantly relieved. It had a great ambiance and the receptionist was so friendly and helpful. My artist was amazing and helpful. She made me feel at ease and took two appointment time to make sure you did the best job she could on my lips. I have a few more touch up appointments with them and I will be getting more of my beauty procedures Done here. Thank you so much!!!read more
Askorin Nioka
Askorin Nioka
19:23 18 Sep 20
Speaking in Persian all the time not a good vibe for a... person that don't speak the language. Over priced!read more
Nele Ruutli
Nele Ruutli
15:51 17 Sep 20
This place is so bad that they have to lie their clients to... win their business.read more
13:31 17 Sep 20
Very disappointed with the scalp micro pigmentation. Not a... professionalread more
Suad Korkise-Binder
Suad Korkise-Binder
16:50 14 Sep 20
Elix was awesome! She provided amazing service and my... eyebrow shape is unbelievable! She took her time to explain the process and the outcome. I love my new eyebrow shape 🙂 I highly recommend Elix for her amazing professionalism and experience.read more
laura fink
laura fink
17:14 03 Sep 20
I have always been unhappy with my eyebrows so I decided to... get microblading done. I could not have been any happier with the results that I have gotten after completing my services with Elix! She was so professional and ensured that my eyebrows were exactly how I liked them while still giving me her professional opinion. The salon was very clean and I felt as if I could trust Elix completely with doing my microblading. I am so happy with my results and feel confident with my eyebrows now! Thank you Elix!read more
mohammad katebi oskuei
mohammad katebi oskuei
18:46 01 Jul 20
My experience at Diva Brows was incredible! Ms Elham (Elix)... did an amazing job with PhiScalp .  I loved her treatment.  Her consolation was perfect as well.  I would definitely recommend your salon and would come back the next time I am in town.  Thanks again!read more
Marjan Moosavi
Marjan Moosavi
02:31 11 Jun 20
As a trainee under Eli’s supervision, I had a great... experience at Elix Beauty. She’s professional, kind, and uptodate. I strongly recommend her.read more
Mohammad Dadvaran
Mohammad Dadvaran
02:06 11 Jun 20
It was great experience, the team and management was... perfect and professional. The atmosphere was so friendly and also clean. Thanks Elix beauty.read more
Bahman Koosha
Bahman Koosha
02:06 11 Jun 20
These ladies are great and professional. I am happy with... their service and customer care.read more
Xu Xu
Xu Xu
15:36 11 Mar 20
Elix is a talented artist who puts her enthusiasm into the... work she does. I am very happy with the result and will recommend her service to anyone who wants to have a fresher look.read more
Jessica Naumoff Bell
Jessica Naumoff Bell
13:17 10 Mar 20
My experience with Elix has been just great. I just had my... second appointment (touch up) and couldn't be happier with the result. I was initially drawn by the images on her website (& FB/IG) and was impressed with her ability to work with different hair colours/skin tone. I am fair with light eyes/hair and didn't want the result to be too dark or harsh looking. I did a ton of research before booking my initial appointment, and spoke to her in advance to learn more about it. I had lots of questions and wanted to make sure that if I went ahead with it, I would be happy with the result. She was lovely and very informative. The salon itself is beautiful and clean, and all the staff are friendly and professional. This is an art, and Elix is a true artist. I'm so happy that I chose to go with her and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Thanks so much Elix!read more
Leila Ghadimi
Leila Ghadimi
04:59 25 Jan 20
I want to share my experience with Elix.I had a very... positive experience at the Salon. My eyebrows look amazing now. She is so friendly and kind and she cares a lot for her clients. She uses the best materials and everything is super clean. She is so professional and lovely. I love my eyebrows. Thank you so much Elix joon. 🙂read more
Mona Tehranchi
Mona Tehranchi
18:02 13 Nov 19
I went to Elix .She was very nice & professional. Did a... really good job. I love it. So happy with it. She is soft handed & very detail oriented. I like their location too. Peaceful atmosphere, nice & professional people. I highly recommend her to everyone. You won’t be disappointed. You actually would love it. She is highly skilled, professional, and lovely. I really loved her & loved her job.read more
Sam Kashani
Sam Kashani
19:35 18 Jul 17
I ABSOLUTELY recommend Elix Beauty - Everyone is so... friendly, so professional and the atmosphere is incredible. Very nice place with high educated professionals, I have many friends who are permanent clients there. Always recommend this place. Perfect client service! Try them out!read more
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  • What is the Simplicity Artist Machine?
    • Simplicity Artist is a machine with basic performances which makes it an ultra cheap machine and a good solution for beginners who are still not ready to invest a lot in PMU Base training. If a student decides to start doing PMU more seriously, this machine by the price of 400€ can always be a spare machine in the salon or a machine that will be used for microneedling only. All the commands of this machine are on the headpiece, which makes it very mobile and easy to travel with. It was made in Korea and possesses all the certificates necessary worldwide.
    • The Simplicity Artist machine uses ultra precise cartridges in 19 different variants. Their price will be significantly lower than the price of cartridges produced in Germany. Cartridges have a special hygiene patent with silicone membrane.
  • What is the Simplicity Master Machine?
    • Simplicity Master is a new machine that is not different from much more expensive machines on the market by its performances. It is powered by a strong German engine and thanks to Korean perfectionism it is the most silent machine on the market with the least vibration. Since the display and functions are located on the headpiece, this powerful machine will be available on the market by the price of 750€. This machine with the German engine was made in South Korea and it possesses all the certificates necessary worldwide.
    • These machines use ultra precise cartridges in 19 different variants. Their price will be significantly lower than the price of cartridges produced in Germany. Cartridges have a special hygiene patent with silicone membrane.
  • What is the difference between the Simplicity Master & Artist PMU Machine?
    • Simplicity Artist is primarily intended for beginners and students at the academy, while Simplicity Master has a purpose to be used by dermatologists and beauticians.
    • Simplicity Master has more speed settings and a stronger engine. It is meant for professional use only.
    • Simplicity Artist has 5000 revolutions per minute – recommended as back up machine or for beginners/hobby artists
    • Simplicity Master (German engine) has 7000 resolutions per minute. Zen machine has around 9000 resolutions per minute
  • Do I have to purchase the PMU machine in order to pass the course?
    • If you are planning to have a future as a PhiScalp Artist, you would have to use PMU machines on a daily basis for each client, so we highly recommend that you purchase a PMU machine from the Phi Academy or purchase a machine from a different brand of your choosing.

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PhiScalp Starter Kit, PhiScalp Artist kit (Simplicity Artist PMU Machine), PhiScalp Master kit (Simplicity Master PMU Machine)