Phiscalp / Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)


Our technicians are highly trained to create the perfect scalp micropigmentation hairline for you. I mean could you expect anything less from a company that has innovated the entire industry? From slight adjustments to full-head overhauls our artists, hands down are the best. This non-invasive procedure will change the way you look at yourself in the mirror, permanently.
Scalp Micropigmentation For Men

The ultimate modern solution for male pattern hair loss

Hands down, we believe that scalp micropigmentation is the best solution in the world right now for male hair loss. Call it what you want – male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, diffuse thinning – the bottom line is that you’re losing your hair and you want to do something about it. The Scalp Aesthetics Technique could be the answer you’ve been looking for. If you’re considering options like hair restoration surgery, hair systems or concealers, stop and think for a moment. Do you really want a lifetime of worrying about how your transplant is holding up, or when you’ll need your next one? You want to rely on temporary cover-ups that you glue or shake on to your head? Scalp micropigmentation offers a stylish, modern look without any of the drawbacks of these other options.

Scalp Micropigmentation For Women

Create the illusion of thicker, denser hair. Perfect for female pattern baldness and alopecia

Most of women who are dealing with hair loss is our clients. This can include overall thinning or more aggressive forms such as alopecia areata. Female hair loss can be due to menopause, hereditary causes, or a condition known as telogen effluvium that usually follows a physical or emotional trauma, for example childbirth or a bereavemen.

Hair Transplant Scars And Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP is the only way to achieve satisfactory camouflage of hair transplant scars

The Scalp Aesthetics technique is a highly advanced scalp micropigmentation procedure, used by more than 20,000 men to add density or correct a receding hairline. However more than 30% of all our clients use scalp micropigmentation to camoflage (hide) a scar of some sort, most commonly a FUT (strip) scar or multiple FUE (dot) scars, both of which are the result of hair transplant surgery.

Scalp Micropigmentation As A Treatment For Alopecia

This is the ONLY guaranteed fix for alopecia. Suitable for alopecia areata, totalis and traction

We have seen this procedure change the process of men and women’s lives. This procedure starts with no warning and usually happens to people without being hereditary bald. Some people will get this periodically throughout their life, some will lose all hair, including eyebrows or patches forever.

Be a Certified Scalp Micropigmentation Master and Start Your Career!

If you’re looking for a change and you’re ready to start your career in the Phi Academy, then you have to begin your journey by completing your first basic training. One of the best basic courses you can invest your time in, is the PhiScalp Training by a Phi Master. This is a course that teaches you all the fundamentals of scalp micropigmentation, the skin, the hair, and the pigments required to execute the perfect PhiScalp treatment.

Need A Touch-Up Procedure?

Wherever you had your original SMP treatment, count on us for world-class quality and advice

 If you already had scalp micropigmentation, whether it was with Scalp Aesthetics or some other provider, every so often you may wish to have a quick SMP touch-up session to refresh or change your appearance.

Has your SMP faded since you had your procedure?

The average Scalp Aesthetics client will need a touch-up procedure every 4-6 years, however there are a number of factors at play. These include your lifestyle, sun exposure and maintenance regimen. Also, not everyone has their procedure at Scalp Aesthetics. Scalpa Ink fades more slowly than any other SMP ink. If you went someplace else, the pigments that were used may fade over a shorter period of time.

Fading is a normal and expected part of the treatment life cycle. If you’ve noticed your ‘hair’ is no longer looking its very best, we can recreate your look from when you first had your procedure, or change it completely. It’s entirely up to you.

A new look, or just a refresh?

Wherever you had your original procedure, we can refresh, improve or alter your style to reflect exactly how you want to appear now. Want a stronger hairline? A more conservative or broken hairline? Additional density? Correction of fading? Want to go darker? We can do all this and much more. We can even arrange for the removal of unwanted pigments if required.

contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we’ll provide advice based on your individual circumstances.