If you must ensure that you get the best and most natural result out of your scalp micropigmentation (SMP) process, you need to pay very rapt attention to the guidelines that have been provided for your aftercare process.

It is just normal to have our patients having doubts, misgivings, and questions they will like to ask as regarding the healing process that follows their scalp micropigmentation session. This is why we have readied our team of experts to provide detailed and extensive aftercare guidelines that will assist you with your healing process; making it a smoother phase.

Adhering to these aftercare strategies will guarantee that the fresh pigments that have been inserted get to heal just as they should and preserve them from getting irritated at any point during the healing process, especially in the early phases.

If you are interested in undergoing more than one SMP process, the aftercare guidelines for you will be a little bit different. This is as the healing period defines the proportion of time you have to pause in between the multiple sessions. Even though there is a common step-by-step direction that can be used by almost every patient, it is still worthy to note that you are not restricted to only the steps we will be providing. Discussing with your procedure expert will do you a lot of help and religiously sticking to the precise guidelines given by these experts will do you a lot of good.

SMP Aftercare Guideline

The primary goal of the aftercare phase of the SMP procedure is to reduce the pace at which the fading occurs to the nearest minimum. The guidelines we have provided in this article will do you a lot of help as regards slowing down the fading pace. But, you must note that the fading is a biological process and it cannot be halted. All you can do to it is to slow down the pace.

We expect that after your SPM process, you should have been provided with certain guidelines by your doctor for your aftercare process. In the case where you still find anything confusing, then you can simply adhere to all the guidelines we will provide in this article.

SMP Aftercare Guideline

Another to take note of is that during the Scalp Micropigmentation process, virtually a thousand little punctures are created in your skull to work in the color. As a result of these punctures, little scabs are formed on your skull. We understand that it can get itchy so, causing an overwhelming urge to yank them off, but you MUST restrict yourself from itching these scabs or cutting them off. Doing any of these will impede your recovery pace and, besides, have in mind that peeling them off will only remove some pigments with them.

We have mapped out a thorough guide featuring both short-term and long-term aftercare guidelines.

Short-term Aftercare

Day 1 – Day 4:

  • Resist the urge to touch, rub, itch, or affect any scalp in any manner.
  • Regardless of how much you wish to wash your scalp, it is NOT a good idea at all.
  • Stay away from the sun as much as you can. UV rays can prove really dangerous and clearly can facilitate fading.
  • Make sure you do not sweat. In this period, hitting the gym is a completely bad idea, same as doing any sort of workout; whether indoor or outdoor, whether light or heavy. Just avoid any sort of workout that can result in profuse sweating.

Day 1 – Day 4

DAY 5 – DAY 7:

  • Exactly on day 5, you can now rinse or wash your head using shampoo and warm water.
  • Begin to moisten your skull to prevent the surface from getting dry at any point in time. We strongly suggest that you make use of moisturizers without perfumes.
  • Moisten your skull two times every day, which will be in the morning and at night.
  • You are now allowed to don beanies and hats when you go out.
  • In this period, you can make use of an electric foil shaver then you want to shave your head. Ensure that this shaver DOES NOT come in contact with any of your scabs if you still have them.
  • Stay away from wet shaving using razor blades for the next 10 days following your SMP session.

DAY 5 – DAY 7

Long-term Aftercare

  • For 30 days, stay away from chlorinated pools, anybody of saltwater, steam rooms, and saunas.
  • Do not forget that UV rays or simply put, sunlight can cause serious harm and drawbacks to the treated portion. Hence, you should rub on some sunscreen if you must go out. Ensure the sunscreen you use has at least SPF 50+. So also, for 30 days do not get a tan on the area that has been treated.
  • In a bid to keep your scalp clean, wash it with the use of an antibacterial, and fragrance-free soap for a period of the first 30 days.
  • Ensure you make use of an exfoliating purifier as frequently as you can. This purifier rids you of the dead cells and maintains that fresh look your head now has.
  • Stay away from any product that has in it a large amount of alcohol in its content. However, any cream or lotion that has just a slight addition will not cause any harm.
  • We will also advise that you stay away from head sine as much as you can.

Long-term Aftercare

To sum it all up, a large part of the deal is completed after the first thirty days. After that period, everything is virtually back to normal, safe for a few. You can get back to you almost everything you do daily.


If you desire to maintain your newly found chic look, ensure that you stick closely to all the guidelines we have provided in this text. It is only natural that you must put in the extra shift if you want to get the work done and get it done to perfection. Finally, do not miss out on consulting with your doctor regularly concerning the aftercare process and any concerns you might have.