Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments in Canada

Who We Are

A team that loves Beauty

Elix Beauty’s services are now available at Diva Brows Beauty & Academy in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Now offering Scalp Micropigmentation, 3D Eyebrow Microblading, Eyeliner-Shading, and Lip-Shading. Elix Beauty specializes in the most natural-looking semi-permanent makeup treatments for the eyebrows, eyes, lips & scalp hairline. Free consultation is provided by our professional and caring Artists who will design personalized treatments for you. Elix Beauty provides you with great results at rates that not only rival, but beat the competition.

Our Phi Artists at Diva Brows are certified technicians by the Phi Academy and are specialized in PhiScalp, PhiBrows, PhiContour, PhiLaser, PhiLash, PhiHenna and PhiLift treatments. We work diligently to achieve the best results with the most natural look possible.

Book your consultation appointment TODAY by texting us your name, last name, email address, and service request (e.g. consultation, eyebrow appointment, etc.) at 647.887.6452. Visit us for a complimentary consultation today!

What We Do

Wakeup With Makeup

We are passionate about creating semi-permanent hyper-realistic facial tattoos that are perfectly tailored to our client’s preferences. With Microblading and Micropigmentation techniques, permanent makeup tattooing has become an increasingly popular procedure all around the world. Our techniques at the Phi Academy are improved regularly and our Artists are consistently practicing and acquiring new skills sets and PHI certificates at our Academy. PHI techniques ensure non-colour changing results with the most natural look possible. During all of our permanent beauty procedures, our artists are ONLY permitted to use the finest PHI pigments and devices manufactured in Germany and the US, which are limited to purchase by Phi Certified Artists and Members only. Elix Beauty & Diva Brows work hard to provide their clients the hottest treatments and semi-permanent results in 2020.

Upon arrival at our salon, you will have the opportunity to discuss your eyebrow/eye/scalp preferences. If you are not set on a style yet, our staff will advise you of various shapes and colors that best suit your face for permanent makeup services.

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