Before Treatment Care

Ensure optimal results for Eyebrows, Laser, Eyeliner, Lip, and Scalp treatments by following the recommended pre-treatment care guidelines.

  1. Avoid coffee/alcohol within 24 hours of the appointment — tea and decaf coffee are acceptable.
  2. Refrain from taking Vitamins / Minerals
  3. Do not take Advil / (or any blood thinner medications) on the day of the appointment and avoid thyroid medications if possible. After completing the procedure, you can resume taking your pills.
  4. If you have any metal allergies, please book a consult to get a patch test a week before your appointment.
  5. Come to the appointment without any make-up on the soon-to-be treated area.
  6. If you get your period, please call-in/text to reschedule; you can do your treatment after the 3rd day of your period.
  7. If you’re experiencing any fever, dry coughs, or excessive tiredness, please contact us to reschedule your appointment.
  • For 1st time eyebrow clients only: Clients must have NO EYEBROW TATTOOS from before, if you do, make sure WE KNOW

Note for permanent makeup services: In the post-care process, you can not shower for 3 days; showering before the appointment is recommended.