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Creating an excellent eyeliner can be complicated. It all falls back to accuracy, a long-lasting eyeliner, and a good deal of luck sincerely. Eyeliner makeup tattoos (also referred to as permanent eyeliner) have been in vogue for long now. Cosmetic professionals, specialized in performing this therapy, have bettered their skills in creating a natural-looking makeup tattoo. Thanks to excellent eyeliner makeup tattoos, you can have flawless, lasting eyeliner in just a session.
Interested in this treatment? You are at the right place. We did our research and got a breakdown of all you need to know about microblading eyeliner. Dive in to find out how much the treatment costs, what to await after undergoing the process.
Elix Beauty - What Is Eyeliner Make up Tattoo?

What Is Eyeliner Make up Tattoo?

We also refer eyeliner makeup tattoo to as permanent eyeliner. It is a treatment you can undergo to rid you of the need to wear eyeliner makeup every day. Microblading eyeliner involves using a tattooing strategy to apply ink along the lash line to produce the impression of an eyeliner. Note that this ink applied is permanent, even though touchup needs to be done every 3-5 years.
An eyeliner makeup tattoo can be done in different styles. You can have very thin and natural-looking eyeliner. Other people prefer microblading eyeliners that are thicker. Some even go for winged eyeliners.

The Process of Microblading Eyeliner

The process of microblading eyeliners begins with a design session. During this session, we will show clients what styles suit them the most. They will consider the shape of their eyes and other details. Then, the process begins with a less-permanent lash line enhancement. This lash line enhancement will be a trial for the eventual permanent style.
The less-permanent lash line enhancement is a staple. It is best for you if you prefer to go natural before a thick, distinct winged style that is fuller. And if you love to wear makeup often and desire a bolder eyeliner, we recommend a winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliner can add that delicate lift to your eyes. You have the liberty to begin small. As you go for your touch-ups, you can add more continually.
Elix Beauty - The Process of Microblading Eyeliner

The Pros of Eyeliner Makeup Tattoo

There are several benefits you can enjoy from receiving an eyeliner makeup tattoo.
  • The procedure likewise lasts between two to five years. When it begins to fade, you will need a touch-up. The period of two to five years is relatively long-lasting compared to other beauty treatments.
  • Ultimately, it is not a must for you to have eyelashes to receive this treatment. A lot of persons with scanty lashes, hair loss, and/or alopecia receive this treatment to improve their eye area.
  • First, you no longer have to wear eyeliner anymore. This benefit is for those who often wear it as part of their daily beauty routine.
  • Microblading eyeliner improves your eye shape.

Getting Ready for Your Eyeliner Makeup Tattoo Appointment

If an eyeliner makeup tattoo is what you’re contemplating, there are certain steps you must take to get ready.


You begin by fixing a consultation appointment with any of our professional beauty technicians first. This consultation helps you evaluate your alternatives. You similarly get to know more about the procedure. 

Choose A Suitable Style

There are several styles you can select from. We will do this during your consultation session. As soon as you’ve agreed on the eyeliner that will fit you the most, you can not proceed with your treatment.


Avoid Sensitizing Skincare Products

In days leading to your scheduled treatment session, stay away from any sensitizing skincare product. Examples of these products are retinol and glycolic acid.


Wear No Makeup to Your Treatment Session

We strongly advise that you come to your treatment session with clean skin. Totally free of makeup.


No Caffeine on The Day Fixed for Your Treatment

We likewise do recommend that you avoid coffee or any drink containing caffeine for that matter. Take nothing of such on the day fixed for your treatment. It helps you loosen up and prevent twitching.

The Final Takeaway

Know that there are a few factors that can influence your eyeliner make up tattoo. These factors affect how long the outcomes really last. A major factor is your lifestyle and day-to-day routine. These both impact the result each person has.

Elix Beauty - Eyeliner Tattoo - How Much Does Permanent Eyeliner Cost?

The Treatment Is Not A Painful One

As you would expect, the technique of microblading eyeliner has been bettered over the years. And contrary to what you may have been told, eyeliner makeup tattoo has evolved into a relaxing treatment.
The treatment takes up to 45 minutes and sometimes, it can last up to an hour. The area to be treated is always numbed prior to the application. We need 20 minutes to numb your skin before start tattooing. You will sense a subtle buzzing along the lashes where the needle is working on with the ink.
The skin is cracked a little bit when the needle is used the first time. But you won’t bleed at all or feel any pain if you are numbed properly. As we mentioned earlier, eyeliner tattoo has evolved over the years. It is different from when your aunt, mum, or your grandmother had it and complained of how painful It was.
Elix Beauty - Eyeliner Tattoo Is Not A Painful One

The Aftercare Process

  • There is incredibly only a slight downtime after the microblading eyeliner treatment. Having that elegant eyeliner is surely worth whatever slight downtime you might experience.
  • You should again note that it’s natural for the colour to be faded within the first three weeks.
  • In a case where you begin to feel sensitive along the lashes, stay calm. Applying aftercare cream that we will give you to use once or twice every day for 3 days will keep the area hydrated. It will likewise stave off any more irritation.
  • Be careful not to rub your eyes and don’t wash them for 24 hrs.
  • You should likewise not wear any eye makeup until you feel comfortable enough.


Hello beautiful, do you wish your to-do list every morning was way shorter? Well, we are here to bring that wish to reality. The cosmetic world has provided just the beauty service for you. Thanks to the permanent eyeliner makeup service, you can now have that elegant and permanent eyeliner. And we are here to ensure you get just the best permanent eyeliner makeup you desire.

Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Permanent eyeliner makeup is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that uses tattooing pigment for a beneficial effect on the eyeline of the lashes. There are different options for you as regards this beauty service.

  • Fine eyeliner style
  • Thin eyeliner style
  • Medium eyeliner style
  • Thick eyeliner style
  • Winged eyeliner style
  • Lash liner
Elix Beauty - Permanent Eyeliner Makeup Toronto
Elix Beauty - Permanent Eyeliner Makeup Toronto

This process gives you an ever-lovely smudge-free, waterproof, and permanent eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner makeup brings out the colour and shape of your eyes. Giving you that elegant eyes, facelift, and glamourous expression.
We recommend you fix an appointment to consult with our permanent eyeliner specialists. That way, you can decide before the semi-permanent eyeliner treatment your perfect fit according to your peculiar features.

Elix Beauty Services

Elix Beauty Permanent Eyeliner Makeup Service

When it concerns providing the best permanent eyeliner make-up service, you can always trust us at Elix Beauty. We are a prominent aesthetic brand with appropriate certification and licensing both in Canada and internationally. We employ the most refined strategies and pigments to give you that chic permanent eyeliner.
At Elix Beauty, you will get permanent eyeliner that perfectly suits you individually. We have an eye for every little detail. So, your every peculiarity will be attended to. Our artists are specialists with sound knowledge of the intricacies pertained to giving you a perfect permanent eyeliner. For our permanent eyeliner makeup service, we employ a client-based strategy. We are also ready to put in as much input as is needed to get the best results.
What are you waiting for? Contact us today for your permanent eyeliner makeup services in Toronto!