If there is to be a dollar paid to us for every time someone asks this question, a weekend getaway would not be a bother at all right now. On a serious note, this is one prominent question a lot of ladies seek to have answers to. It is an important question as well, as you must know that this is false.

Indeed, a lot of women are having a hard time dealing with the growth of their eyebrows. For them, their decision to opt for this semi-permanent solution mustn’t boomerang or affect them in any way afterward. Their concern is a justified one. Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide adequate and straightforward answers to this everyday question in this article.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Before we answer whether Eyebrow microblading does or does not cause hair loss, it is essential to explain what exactly we mean by Microblading.

Elix Beauty - What Is Eyebrow Microblading?

In clear terms, microblading is a cosmetic process done manually to boost the look of your hair and give it that more-defined and fuller appearance. This process is not a permanent one, but it is one that will last for a long time. It can last for as long as an average period of 1 to 3 years, yet, the duration still hinges on certain factors; like:

  • Skin Type
  • Quality of Pigment
  • Hair Type
  • Hair health, etc.

Even though it is a little similar to the tattooing process, you do not have to worry as it is still miles away from a typical tattooing process. These two processes involve the application of ink, yet, they have close to nothing in common asides from that. From the instruments used to the implementations and the process in general, there are a lot of things setting them apart.

The Two Main Differences ‌Between Eyebrow Microblading and Tattoo:

No Motorized Tool is Used

In eyebrow microblading, there is no need for any motorized tool at all. All that is used is simply a number of handy needles for the sake of accuracy.

A Subtle And Detailed Process

The process of eyebrow microblading is a very subtle one with very close attention to details and accuracy. Anyone in charge of the process ensures that no mistake is made and every single incision is done with utmost care and precision.

In all, eyebrow microblading, unlike tattooing, is a careful process with an eye for symmetry, thickness, coloration, and form as necessary elements to generate that stunning and fuller look for your eyebrows.

Why Do People Think Eyebrow Microblading Causes Hair Loss?

Eyebrow microblading is one of the biggest trends present in the cosmetic industry and the fashion sphere at large. A lot of women have come to recognize how much of a difference it makes to have their eyebrows full and appealing. This trend is one cutting-edge cosmetic process with a large reception on the fashion market.

The reason for the overwhelming reception this technique has amassed has been that aside from surgery, only a small number of cosmetic processes can yield such terrific results in a short space of time. With just two sessions, you can completely revamp your facial aesthetics and have the effects last you for a long time.

Therefore, when a eyebrow microblading process is done to perfection, there is an instantaneous and remarkable impact on your look that puts on display just that desired element of glam your skin, hair, and eye needs.

Howbeit, owing to the widespread acceptance of this new fashion trend and its popularity amongst many people, there comes that inevitable situation where myths are generated and propagated, no thanks to the dominant presence of misinformation. Among the myths that have been generated and propagated over time, the wrong belief that the technique can be a cause of hair loss is a dominant one.


Another explanation for the widespread of this wrong belief Is the unskilled, incompetent, and amateurish persons that run this process without passing through the necessary training. This kind of person will likely end up causing damage in the process. The nature of this aesthetic technique requires that special, skilled, and professional finesse and focus get the best results. When that is absent, a lot can definitely go wrong.

Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Having done our research, we have discovered that there are several common causes of hair loss without the inclusion of the eyebrow microblading process. Taking a look at these processes can open your eye to certain other possibilities aside from the wrong belief that microblading is responsible for the loss of your hair. Logically, by finding out the cause of that hair loss and taking the cause(s) out of the way, you have solved over 80% of the problem.

Change In Water

There you have it! A leading cause of massive hair loss, unknown to many people, is that change in water to hard water. When you change the water you use, and you begin to use hard water, you have just invited hair loss.

This is due to the outrageous quantity of calcium and magnesium you can find in hard water. These constituents are major causes of hair dryness, dandruff, and hair loss. Hard water weakens the hair follicles by drying them up and making them brittle and frizzy, which results in hair breakage and, eventually, hair loss.

You Do Not Follow a Proper Diet

The work of a proper diet is not limited to keeping you in sound health. Following a proper diet will likewise sustain your hair growth and keep you from hair loss. The reverse is the case with poor dieting, as it has an irremediable impact on your skin and hair. As you get older, a poor diet makes your body generate insufficient Vitamin E, which is crucial for healthy hair and skin, hence, resulting in hair loss.

You Undergo Too Much Stress

As funny as it may seem, there is a cordial relationship between the stress you face and whether you will experience hair loss or not. Failure to get some sleep, a heavy workload, and a tight schedule will have an impact on your hair health. So, this might just be the reason behind that hair loss you’ve constantly been bothered about. You might only have to change your daily routine.

You Have A Health Condition

Certain health conditions impact your hair health significantly, and you just haven’t noticed. Check them out!

Any of these can be responsible for the loss of hair you have been experiencing. It is time for you to dig in deep to know which one it is for you.

Takeaways: Can Eyebrow Microblading Cause Hair Loss?

The simple answer to this is a resounding, ‘No!’ always. Eyebrow microblading cannot cause hair loss. Just ensure that whoever will be helping you through the microblading process is competent and skilled enough. Do not mind the cost, as long as you are certain that you are getting it done by a competent hand.