COVID Protocols

We are very well into 2020 and if you haven’t heard “what an unprecedented time we live in” 20+ times by now, then you’re probably not residing in Canada. But all jokes aside, COVID-19 has really changed the way of our daily lives through mandated protocols that are set for all running businesses, such as beauty salons, to prevent the spread of the virus and to maintain the health of our community.

How Elix Beauty Salon protect your health?

That being said, it’s important that our clients are aware of the changes that have been put in place to protect their health while they are visiting Elix Beauty at Diva Brows Beauty Salon & Academy located in the Richmond Hill area.

  • Appointments ONLY

At our beauty salon, customers are only allowed to come inside if they have booked an appointment prior to their arrival. In order to ensure the safety of everyone, we will only book appointments over the phone or via email. 

  • No Mask – No Service

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “No Mask No Service” rule by now. Wearing masks is mandated by the Government of Ontario, so all of our clients are supposed to come in with masks on and there are no exceptions.

No Mask - No Service

In any case that some customers have lost or forgotten their masks, we can provide them with one disposable mask if they have an existing appointment. In other unusual situations where the client has a specific breathing problem and cannot wear a mask during their appointment, we require documentation from their doctor at the time of making the appointment.

  • Sanitizers EVERYWHERE

We have sanitizer bottles and pumps at every corner. Upon entrance to Diva Brows, , all clients must sanitize their hands before touching anything else in the premises including pens, consent forms, etc.


We don’t mind if you wish to bring your own sanitizer __ but you must apply it in front of us. Customers who refuse to use sanitizers will be forced to leave the salon.

  • Temperature Monitoring

Once we confirm that you have your mask on and have successfully applied sanitizer on your hands, our staff will use a contactless temperature sensor to monitor your body temperature and ensure that you do not have a fever.

Temperature Monitoring (COVID Protocols)
In the case that your temperature is above the normal degree, then you’ll have to wait outside for 5-10 minutes in order to cool down and try again. If your temperature remains high after your wait, then you must leave our salon and send us your COVID Test results at the time of rescheduling your appointment.

  • Social Distancing

Social distancing is still very important despite wearing masks and temperature monitoring. Keep in mind that COVID protocols are put in place to reduce the chances of getting contaminated by the virus, so all customers must obey physical distancing rules at all times during their visit to Elix Beauty

  • COVID-19 Questionnaire

Whether you’re a new customer or a retaining client, you must fill out our COVID-19 questionnaire prior to starting your appointment.

COVID-19 Questionnaire 

This questionnaire ensures that you have not travelled outside the country in the past 14 days prior to your visit. It will verify that you are not experiencing any coronavirus symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and tiredness. And lastly, it will verify that you have not been in contact with anyone who is or may be experiencing these symptoms.

  • Sanitizing Our Pens

In order to complete our COVID questionnaire and/or Consent forms, clients will have to use the pens we have available or bring their own pens.

Sanitizing Our Pens

However, we don’t want the spread to happen through the usage of pens, so we have two piles of pens: sanitized pens and unsanitized pens. Customers will have to take a pen from the sanitized pile and return them in the unsanitized pile. All used pens will be sanitized 7-8 times during the day.

  • No longer providing pleasantries

We will not be providing any pleasantries such as water, tea, coffee, sweets etc. We are not allowed for the reason that consuming food and beverages will require the client to take their mask off and we cannot have anyone without their masks inside the salon.

  • Wiping all beds & sitting areas with Lysol Wipes

Right before and after your appointment, the bed you’ll be laying on for your procedure will be thoroughly cleaned through the usage of Lysol disinfecting wipes, as well as we place bed covers and headrest covers on top of our beds to maintain hygiene at all times.

  • Brand new material used for every client

For all procedures, brand new disposable material is used such as disposable blade tools and disposable needles. For other items that we cannot dispose of after each use, our staff spray alcohol and wipe it down to fully disinfect it.

  • COVID Exposure Protocol

In the case of a client who has contracted the virus, our first protocol is to inform all customers who were present on the same day as the viral patient and the days after their visit.

COVID Exposure Protocol

Our second protocol is to cancel all appointments for the day and to take a COVID-19 test of all our staff members __ this way we will know if we can resume appointments for the following days to come. If any of our staff’s test results happen to be positive for the coronavirus, then they are mandated to go into quarantine for a minimum of two weeks.