Get to know Phi Academy better

So you want to become a Craft Master at the Phi Academy? But are you ready to start your teaching career as a Phi Master?

Introduction to Phi Academy

The Phi Academy is one of the most prestigious beauty academies among its competitors and they offer a variety of beauty techniques perfected by its founder, Branko Babic, and other methods invented by some of the greatest artists and grand masters around the world.

Introduction to Phi Academy

If you are passionate about permanent makeup & beauty techniques and you would like to move your career to the next step, all you have to do is pass your first PHI basic training and earn your Phi Artist Certificate. As a Phi Artist, through hard work and dedication, there are steps in which you must follow in order to level up from an artist to a Phi Craft Master. As a Craft Master, you are here to help an ambitious learner learn the ways of PHI and welcome a new member into your Academy. It may sound simple, but in order to become a successful teacher at the Phi Academy, a brilliant Master must:

  • Connect with the learner
  • Respond within reasonable time on the CraftMaster App.
  • Help the learner relate new knowledge to what the learner already knows
  • Integrate teaching strategies with the PHI learning processes
  • Integrate their own creativity

Phi Academy’s Online Learning Platform

As a Craft Master, you will be communicating with your students on the Phi Academy’s Online Learning Platform: CraftMaster App. You are obligated to provide direct feedback on each student’s individual art work and use smart teaching strategies to help your students learn and perfect the technique through each level of training. Each Craft Master must create a professional video of themselves demonstrating their technique on a live model, this video will be used as a part of the context of the course. There are also Phi rules and regulations that a Master must follow, which are bonded by legal contract with the Phi Academy. These rules will be provided in detail once you reach the Craft Master level.

How do you teach art? Even more important, how can you be a great teacher?

Good teaching practices are critical when you teach. In most PHI courses that take place in person, the first day of the training is dedicated to introducing you to the technique, its basics, followed by the pigment theory, information on skin conditions and diseases, steps to maintaining hygienic procedures and practices, and ways of providing first class customer service to clients.

How do you teach art? Even more important, how can you be a great teacher?

On the first day of the training, students will be practicing on latex and perfecting their hand-grip and technique with the supervision of their Master. On the second day of the training, the Craft Master must demonstrate the technique on a live model for their students and allow the students to partake in the procedure and gain first hand experience. The second or third day of the training is the workshop day, some PHI courses may have more than one workshop day to work on a live model. After these few days of training, the Craft Master must aid their students in passing the required levels of the course. For example, if you were a PhiScalp Master, you would be responsible for helping your students in passing the twelve levels in the PhiScalp Basic Training. Good teaching practices are important any time you deliver a presentation to an audience. You must remain calm and confident and allow your students to understand the art of learning your technique.

How to get official Phi Artist Certification ?

For online courses, the two or three day training that would usually take place would no longer be an option, however students are still required to pass the levels on the CraftMaster application in order to graduate and get their official Phi Artist Certification.

How to get official Phi Artist Certification

A professional, well-disciplined, and creative Craft Master can strive for growth and level up exponentially in the Phi Academy if they stay responsible and follow the rules and standards of which apply to being a worthy teacher in the world of Phi. Now the question is, are you ready to become a PhiScalp Master?

If you haven’t yet passed the PhiBrows Basic Training, that should be the first step into your teaching career. You must first join the Phi Academy and become a PhiScalp Artist. As a PhiScalp artist, you must practice and create an evident presence of your artwork on social media and allow the academy to observe your work in order to promote you to a higher Phi status. From a PhiScalp artist, you can become a royal artist, a master assistant, a craft master, and at last, a grand master. These are the levels in which you will go through that will take you along your journey and get your teaching career started. If you would like to read more about the requirements of becoming a Master, click on the following article: How to Grow in the Phi Academy.