How Do Phibrows and Microblading Differ?

A beautiful look takes a lot of effort and sometimes, sacrifice. With the emergence of cosmetic surgeries, more can now be achieved. However, it remains an unspoken conflict to understand what sets aside two of the most popular semi-permanent tattoo procedures.

In what ways do Phibrows and Microblading differ? What makes each semi-permanent tattoo procedure unique? These concerns and more will be addressed extensively in this blog post. Follow through.

Let’s dive in!

Phibrows is a name of the brand but Microblading is a permanent makeup technique!

How Do Phibrows And Microblading Differ 6 - How Do Phibrows and Microblading Differ?

Phibrows vs Microblading

First off, what is Phibrows? This procedure is a manual, semi-permanent method of creating hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing. With Phibrows, the shape of the eyebrows is gauged considering closely golden proportion, and the facial morphology.

Phibrows is a Microblading technique that also makes it another semi-permanent tattoo treatment. For Phibrows, you will need a tiny blade. First, the blade gets dipped in pigment. Then, the blade is used to draw hair strokes into the brow.

Moreover, the training process for Phibrows is 100 times more enlightening, thorough, and precise. That is one edge it has over the typical Microblading training process.

How about Microblading? Here, you have a permanent makeup technique that involves drawing eyebrows. Here, there is the insertion of pigment with the use of micro blades. In turn, this simulates the natural look of hairs that come in distinct lengths and thicknesses. The beauty of this procedure is that it incorporates skin pigments to derive that truly natural appearance.

Phibrows vs Microblading

As for Microblading, it is different from other permanent makeup brow treatments. For microblading, you simply have to draw out single, crisp hair strokes. The hair strokes in this case are more natural-looking. More so, micro lading is also different from other hair stroke techniques performed with PMU machines. Microblading strokes get a lot thinner and crisper when they heal. Also, they do not blur.

However, to understand the uniqueness, distinctions, and similarities of these two techniques better, we would get more explicit with questions. The following frequently asked questions will shed more light on all the different aspects of this conflict. Take a look at Microblading – Wiki Beauty Part 1  for more details.

1. What Makes Phibrows Better Than Microblading?

Specifically, Phibrows are result-proven on every skin type. This technique yields results regardless of the skin type. That versatility is one edge it has over microblading.

What Makes Phibrows Better Than Microblading?

On the other hand, microblading is not an advisable technique for people with oily skin. Microblading on oily skin will need numerous touch-ups as well if it must come out nice eventually. This results in additional damage to the skin.

2. Who Is Microblading Best For?

Beyond the fact that microblading is not for all skin types, some sets of people should avoid this procedure. Anyone prone to the following must stay off microblading and its procedures…

  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Super thin skin
  • Keloids

Again, those with transmittable blood illnesses such as Hepatitis or HIV shouldn’t undergo microblading. Finally, if you’ve had Botox/filler done around your brow area or you’re undergoing active chemotherapy, stay away from microblading. You need to pass 2 months then register for microblading.

Who Is Microblading Best For?

3. What Happens When You Wet Your Eyebrows after Microblading?

By all means, avoid getting your eyebrows wet during the healing/scabbing period. You can wash your brows after 3 days. Healing process is 5 days. Getting your eyebrows wet after microblading ruins the process. Water will slacken the hold of the pigment. Wetness also lightens the pigment. That way, the microblading does not stay secure in the skin.

4. What Causes Your Microblading to Fade?

Avoid toners containing salicylic acid, face wash, and retinol creams. These chemicals will fade your microblading eventually. We instead recommend you use scrubs and creams. These are the only procedures you should try. We will give you a special after care cream that you can cover your brows with it during healing process.

What Causes Your Microblading to Fade?

5. How Long Will Your Phibrows Stay Intact?

Expect your Phibrows to last between 12 months and three years. It would not last lesser than 12 months or more than three years. Depend on your skin type (Normal, dry or oily skin) in normal and dry skin after 1year and half or 2 years you need to come back for touchup, in oily skin after a year you need to have yearly touchup.

Our clients Guarantee:

Any time you come back for yearly touchup you didn’t need to pay same as new client, we guarantee our clients to pay only half price of that time.

How Long Will Your Phibrows Stay Intact?

6. Does Microblading Do Any Bad to Your Eyebrows?

What you need to be conscious of is who administers the treatment on you. You do not want someone who doesn’t know what he or she is doing to try to administer your microblading treatment. Ensure whoever administers your microblading treatment has undergone formal training and gained enough experience.

Does Microblading Do Any Bad to Your Eyebrows?

Without these, he or she can severely damage the eyebrow root and the skin area. And, that is one leading cause of new hair strands not growing out.

And when you opt for someone competent and trained, expect a great job. On a lighter note, after a great job, nothing stops you from tipping them.

Is some of our clients who their eyebrows follicles are deactivate, our pigments and our technique help to activate the follicles again and their natural eyebrows growing again! For more information, You can vizit our page: Do Eyebrows Grow Back  After  Microblading?

7. Will Microblading Alter the Shape of Your Eyebrows?

We have already established how microblading is an outstanding means to get full, natural-looking eyebrows. Plus, this semi-permanent procedure won’t wash off and won’t require day-to-day maintenance.
We follow your eyebrows bone to draw specially shape for your face, then follow your hair strokes to create the best eyebrows for you.

Will Microblading Alter the Shape of Your Eyebrows?

For the question, simulating the look of natural eyebrow hairs alters the original shape of your eyebrows. Specifically, microblading generates the look of fuller eyebrows. It does this by altering the shape of your eyebrows or filling in scanty eyebrow spaces.

8. Is It Necessary to Shave Your Eyebrows Before Microblading?

No. There is no need for you to shave your eyebrows off before undergoing the microblading procedure. Do not allow your artist to shave your eyebrows before microblading.

9. Can You Put Vaseline on Eyebrows After Microblading?

Avoid Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline during your healing period: Any petroleum or Vaseline-based ointment can cause a reaction leading to crusting and scabbing. With our treatment and aftercare recommendation, you can expect to see a little flaking but not scabbing. We will give you a special after care cream that is based on planet oil and honey.

10. Is The Phibrows Treatment Painful?

The description of the process makes it seem quite gruesome. It might not be totally painless, truly. Yet, it is certainly not more painful than getting your ears pierced or laser hair removal.

More so, as a semi-permanent tattoo technique, there is no need for the time-consuming and uncomfortable waxing process. Also, you do not need threading or plucking at least for about 18 months.

11. How Much Does Eyebrow Microblading Cost?

Microblading varies in price. The price range falls between 350 dollars minimum to as much as 1500 dollars. An average microblading treatment will cost you about $400. (500)

12. How Much Does Phibrows Training Cost?

Complete and thorough Phibrows Live Microblading Training costs around $3500($2000). You might find it at a higher price but can’t be higher ($2500) than $4000 or less than $3500. Moreover, this price range guarantees that the training is never undervalued. Plus, it ensures that the training students get is of enough value.

How Much Does Phibrows Training Cost?

Overall, the Phibrows technique is not only a newer variety of the microblading technique. Also, this procedure presents a better option. This time, there is no intense front or shape. In addition, this technique is minimally invasive and lasts longer than other similar techniques. Meanwhile, microblading is generating 3D hair-like strokes with the help of micro-fine needles.

What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Phibrows?

Following a side-by-side comparison of these two similar semi-permanent techniques, let’s consider the differences between Phibrows and Microblading.

With adequate Microblading and Phibrows experience and using different products and tools, we can say enough about both techniques. To begin with, if you are about to Here is a tip for anyone strange to both processes. Know enough about these processes before undergoing any of them.

In this section, we will consider the difference between Microblading and Phibrows. What are the exact differences and why should you choose Phibrows over regular Microblading or vice versa?

What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Phibrows?

The most important difference is our pigments, you result never change to red, gray, blue or orange after a year and this is the most important point in our service, if you choose middle brown, you will have middle brown for hole the year and never color change. Because all of our pigments are iron oxide free and the reason of color change in other brands is this.

As mentioned above, Phibrows is a Microblading technique. What that implies is that you are still undergoing a semi-permanent tattoo procedure regardless of your choice. Plus, both procedures use a small blade drenched in pigment to create these hair strokes into the brow.

● Phibrows And Microblading Training

Thorough training in administering the Phibrows technique lets you in on more information and details compared to microblading. More importantly, Phibrows training is more specialized and particular than the traditional Microblading training.

Furthermore, there are 11 levels each artist must pass through before they can be certified as competent Phibrows artists. For each of these levels, there is a specific set of pre-draw brow designs, hair stroke direction, hair stroke density, and hair stroke patterns.

Note: It is impossible to move to the next level without first passing the one before. All of these processes take about 6 months of training. /You can pass them in 1 month or till 6 months.

Phibrows And Microblading Training

As for Microblading training, it sometimes takes as little as a 2-day Course. All you might learn may just be what Microblading is and a demo on a model that you will have to imitate. Afterward, certificates will be given out and that will be all about it.

If you are fortunate to be a quick learner and pretty skilled at brows, that might be enough for you. However, it seems quite ridiculous that the process can be that easy. It even gets scary imagining that a lot of people out there are administering the Microblading therapy only after a 2-day Course.

More so, with Phibrows, there is access to an online community where you as an artist can get support. That way, other artists, specialists, and doctors can offer advice or medical assistance to you or your clients. That is one benefit you do not enjoy with traditional Microblading training.

Phibrows And Microblading Training

● The Microblading and Phibrows Process

We believe that pre-draw remains the most significant part of Microblading therapy. When your artist fails to draw the brows out the right way at the very beginning, the process will fail. And Microblading pretty much leaves the entire step to the artist’s competence. The artist draws out the brows with the hope that they have a good eye for shape and symmetry.

Note: It is not as easy as it sounds.

As for Phibrows, there is a set of tools particularly built to create those perfect proportions. So, when drawing out the brows, your artist can be sure to get precision as good as you love it. Additionally, Phibrows artists enjoy access to a particularly built app that allows them to take a photo of their clients’ brows. The app then maps out a balanced grid onto the face. That way, they can review and fix their pre-draw.

● Phibrows Pigments Over Microblading Pigments

Phibrows pigments are a cutting-edge formula that employs the best qualities of iron oxide and synthetic pigments. What this results in is permanence in the color derived. Hence, the color never changes or fades. And it lasts longer on your skin.

Phibrows Pigments Over Microblading Pigments

When you go economical with Microblading pigments, on the other hand, the results are not so pleasing. Over time, they can and will lose either the red or yellow qualities of the pigment. With that, the brows will either turn to an orange or grey stain on the skin. This damage is avoidable by using Phibrows pigments instead.

● Phibrows 18U Blades Over Microblading Blades

Phibrows specifically built 18U Blades are the best you can find for drawing hyper-realistic hair strokes. While Microblading blades can be purchased on any SPMU site or shop. You can also get them on eBay! This shows the absence of regulation and means that you’re not assured sterility or quality.

● Aftercare Products

Phibrows provide their own aftercare products. They give out these products to their clients after administering the procedure. These products help the healing process and reduce scabbing to the barest minimum.

Traditional Microblading only recommends applying Vaseline or any nappy cream on the brows. That makes it seem like a normal tattoo.

Phibrows Pigments Over Microblading Pigments


These are the most significant distinctions between the Phibrows treatment and the regular Microblading process. From these explanations you can notice that there is an upgrade in the products used, the training offered. Also, the tools used are different. All of these come at a cost. Hence, the Phibrows treatment is more expensive compared to regular Microblading treatments.

In all, we might prefer the Phibrows treatment as one of the best semi-permanent tattoo procedures. However, we do understand that certain beauty clinics like Elix beauty still deliver top-notch microblading treatment.

With well-trained professionals and the best tools, a safe and effective process is guaranteed. So, undergoing microblading therapy with Elix beauty might be your key to fruitful and lasting chic brows.